Monday, May 28, 2012

Can America Survive a President Mitt Romney?

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what would happen if Mitt Romney wins this fall.
  • Will the economy improve?
  • Will the economy falter?
  • Will The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) somehow get repealed?
  • Will taxes drop even more for the top 1%?
  • Will Medicare and Medicaid get cut?
  • Will the Paul Ryan Plan get passed?

Of fuck I hope not, but what if it does?
Well then we are fucked.

How Medicaid Helps the Economy:

I was having a discussion about this with my uncle the other day...
Who Bills Medicaid? We all pay our taxes for it, but who gets the money from the government? Well doctors offices do, DUH!!!
Who works in doctors offices besides the doctors, Middle class Americans!

Jobs At the Doctor's office with median average salaries, Salary info from
  • Physicians Assistants - $89,976
  • Nurses - $65,851
  • Radiologic Technologists - $48,501
  • Medical Billers - $33,509
  • Receptionists - $29,650

Many of these jobs are possible because of doctors billing to Medicaid and Medicare.
They enable doctors to have more patient's to spread the cost out to and thus lowering the cost of Medical treatment.

Medicaid and Medicare are not the only things on Mitt Romney's chopping block. Romney is intent on cutting a lot of programs that Lower Class Americans have come to rely on with no hope of those Americans getting what they need on their own.

It is not a matter of them getting a job, many of the Americans on these programs are Working poor. It is not a matter of getting off of their butt and working, it is a matter of not having enough after they have done just that. Romney does not care about this though. When trying to maximize your own profits, the lives of those under you cease to matter at all.

In other words, Mitt Romney could not care less about the working poor as long as his bottom line is nice and padded.

Did you know? Only 34% of U.S. households make more than $65,000 per year....
Imagine how much that percentage will drop if we elect Mitt Romney.

How Unions Help All American Workers, but Romney hates them.
Check Out this Economic Policy Institute report

Unions bring up the pay of non union workers in the same field. As much as people criticize Obama for supporting the Unions, there is good reason for it. Unions are the ones bringing up the working poor. The Unions are keeping American pay somewhat in line with inflation. If Mitt Romney becomes President, They're fucked too! And if Romney fucks over the Unions, then he will in effect have fucked over all American workers.

If you go to you can see he spoke out 15 times against unions, from teacher's unions to train unions, Romney views them all as bad and blames them for our problems a lot.

Romney's Plan to reduce the Deficit. 

Romney keeps talking about the deficit, apparently oblivious to the fact that the Bush tax cuts make up the majority of it. He wants to cut taxes for the top 1% even more, in the 'hope' that it 'Might' create jobs.


Romney's plan for the deficit is just to pad his own bottom line, there's not a real plan!
According to Forbes, Romney's 'Plan' would add about 3 Trillion to the deficit. yes, 3 TRILLION. That is no real plan at all. But his taxes will go down with the plan.
For Romney, this campaign  is more like a finacial investment, if he wins he wil be able to boost his profits.

Romney Standing up to(for) China.

"In the economic arena, we must directly counter abusive Chinese practices in the areas of trade, intellectual property, and currency valuation. While I am prepared to work with Chinese leaders to ensure that our countries both benefit from trade, I will not continue an economic relationship that rewards China’s cheating and penalizes American companies and workers." - Mitt Romney
Romney claims he’ll stand up to China on trade. But when President Obama imposed tariffs on Chinese tires to enforce trade agreements and protect U.S. manufacturing and workers from unfair Chinese trade practices, Romney said his actions were “decidedly bad for the nation and our workers,” calling it “protectionism.”

The Flip Flop:
  • March 2010: Two years ago, President Obama imposed tariffs on Chinese tires in order to enforce trade agreements and promote economic growth in the U.S. In his book “No Apology,” Romney wrote that “President Obama’s action to defend American tire companies from foreign competition may make good politics,” but that “it is decidedly bad for the nation and our workers. Protectionism stifles productivity.”

  • August 2011: A year later, Romney’s financial advisers in charge of his blind trusts shed his Chinese holdings after Romney made “confronting China” on trade a priority. His investments in Chinese enterprises were worth as much as $1.5 million before his advisers dumped them to assure his financial portfolio reflected his new-found political beliefs.

  • September 2011: Romney then released a new economic plan that proposed pushing for tougher trade sanctions on China.
Under a President Romney unfair Chinese trade and labor practices will go overlooked in the name of higher profits for the top 1%

End “job-killing” regulations

Romney says he’ll get rid of regulations that stifle job creation, but only one candidate has a record of ending burdensome regulations and helping create jobs, President Obama

President Obama initiated an overhaul to roll back more than 500 regulatory reforms from 26 agencies and approved fewer regulations through his first three years than President Bush did.
Under President Obama, the private sector has added over 4.2 million private sector jobs in the last 26 months

Under Romney, Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 in job creation.

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