Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Tennessee has a new law that prohibits "Gateway Sexual Activity", similar to the thought that pot is a gateway drug that makes people more likely to harder drugs *Cough* Bullshit! *Cough*.














Another Stupid Republican Idea 


The new law prohibits Sexual Education Teachers from discussing most sexual activity in the hope that they can promote abstinence. Under the new law, sex education teacher are permitted to discuss Kissing, and holding hands; any mention of touching body parts, i.e. genitals, buttocks, inner thighs, or breasts, are forbidden and is considered a gateway sexual activity and the teacher will have to pay $500.
Discussion of oral sex? HELL NO under this new law!

What is really interesting is the reason behind the new law and how it contradicts what should be done in response. According to the statistics used, Tennessee is ranked 7th highest in teen birth rate and is the 11th highest in HIV infection. Given these stats, wouldn't you think we need to teach the kids more about sex, especially SAFE SEX!

Regardless of what common sense would dictate, not to mention the criticism lawmakers are getting from teachers and groups like Planned Parenthood, Lawmakers seem to think that teaching sex abstinence in sex education classes will help these statistics.

Teachers' groups have been comparing the new law that takes a "just say no" policy to that of the "Just say no to drugs" which has been ineffective despite the best efforts of teachers these past few decades

The state Senate passed the bill 28-1, and the House passed it 68-23. 
Tennessee Governor Bill Halsam quickly signed the bill after its passage in the state Congress.

Primary Source: USNEWS

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