Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Republican Wars Against The People

The Republican party is at war with the people of the United States. Rather than investing in the people that make up this great country, the Republican's are hellbent on preserving the stranglehold the richest Americans have on the rest of us. If we are going to make it out of this economic depression we are going to have to make sacrifices, the Republicans have been on the front lines calling for more and more sacrifice, but they seem to be leaving out a group of American, the 1%.

The Filibusterers

The Republicans in their war on the people have become weapons of mass obstruction. Republicans have filibustered hundreds of pieces of legislation in an attempt to make the Obama administration look incompetent. They truly are the party of "NO".
Just to name a few of the 375:
  • H.R. 1262, Water Quality Investment Act
  • H.R. 1029 – Alien Smuggling and Terrorism Prevention Act
  • H.R. 780 – Student Internet Safety Act
  • H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act
  • H.R. 1293 - Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act

The War on the Poor

In an effort to coddle the mega rich in America, Republican led by Speaker of the House John Boehner have been pushing for measure to:
  • Cut Healthcare
    • Medicare
    • CDC
    • National institute of health
  • Cut Education 
  • Cut the IRS
  • Cut Job Training
  • Trying to eliminate Pell
While leaving ALL Military spending the same. Why would they not touch military spending? Simple, Because of the government contracts that the RICH benefit from.  The republicans want to keep the welfare for the rich at the expense of the poor and downtrodden.
The cuts are even worse in the Paul Ryan Budget. 

The War on Students


  • Republican senators filibustered the Stop Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Act. college graduates face unemployment rates over 9 percent and the underemployment rate is 19.1 percent with rates for African American and Hispanic graduates much higher. Without jobs, how are we going to pay back our loans?
  • Under the Ryan Budget, Students would completely loose the Pell Grant. 
  • Since 1978 college tuition has skyrocketed over 900% while, simultaneously, funding for grants continue to be slashed. The result? Students are forced to mortgage their futures with non-dischargeable student loans. Since 1999, student debt has increased by 511%, nearing $1 Trillion.

The War on Women 

 Moveon.org put it best, so this is from them

1) Republicans not only want to reduce women's access to abortion care, they're actually trying to redefine rape. After a major backlash, they promised to stop. But they haven't yet. Shocker.
2) A state legislator in Georgia wants to change the legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence to "accuser." But victims of other less gendered crimes, like burglary, would remain "victims."
3) In South Dakota, Republicans proposed a bill that could make it legal to murder a doctor who provides abortion care. (Yep, for real.)
4) Republicans want to cut nearly a billion dollars of food and other aid to low-income pregnant women, mothers, babies, and kids. 
5) In Congress, Republicans have a bill that would let hospitals allow a woman to die rather than perform an abortion necessary to save her life.
6) Maryland Republicans ended all county money for a low-income kids' preschool program. Why? No need, they said. Women should really be home with the kids, not out working.
7) And at the federal level, Republicans want to cut that same program, Head Start, by $1 billion. That means over 200,000 kids could lose their spots in preschool.
8) Two-thirds of the elderly poor are women, and Republicans are taking aim at them too. A spending bill would cut funding for employment services, meals, and housing for senior citizens.
9) Congress just voted for a Republican amendment to cut all federal funding from Planned Parenthood health centers, one of the most trusted providers of basic health care and family planning in our country.
10) And if that wasn't enough, Republicans are pushing to eliminate all funds for the only federal family planning program. (For humans. But Republican Dan Burton has a bill to provide contraception for wild horses. You can't make this stuff up).

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