Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I am no longer a Republican

In my youth, I would proudly proclaim being republican. I used to think they were the party of the people, I used to think that they were for letting us live our lives; but now I have grown up.... Well that is no longer the case.

In no particular order....

Reason Number 1: No Logic

How is it logical to be so staunch against gay marriage? 
It is not logical to be so hardcore against gay marriage, in fact, supporting the unions that gay couple want could serve to strengthen our country by removing a cultural wedge.

How does coddling the rich help the rest of us?
IT DOESN'T!!! The notion of "trickle down" economics is absurd; anyone with two eyes can see that an economy is built up, not trickled around.

These illogical notions have driven me so far away from the party that it is impossible for me to even consider going back. 

Reason Number 2: The party belongs to the Top 1 (Economics)

There is a direct relationship between Political Polarization and Income Inequality, this is because the 1% has effectively bought out the Republican Party. The Polarization has come from the endless measures taken to coddle the rich and the fact that party members have been tricked into believing that they (the rich) have their (The American Worker) best interest in mind.
We are becoming The Working Poor as the Rich become Richer.

Rather than spend money on things like infrastructure and education, The GOP would rather spend that money on our military. Unfortunately, they are not spending money to protect us, rather they are spending money on Military contracts where the rich profiteer our tax dollars.

Example: When the financial crisis struck, Wall street got a bail out, Main Street got a boot out.

Keep Vilifying the Occupy movement, the majority of them are FORMER tea-party members and Libertarians. 

Reason Number 3: They ARE the party of NO!

Republicans on capitol hill shoot down EVERY measure that is brought to the house floor that could help the American Economy.
Google Republican Filibusters and you will see just how bad they are when it comes to saying "NO".
see: Dems warn: McConnell will regret these filibusters

Reason Number 4: The HYPOCRISY!

Payroll Tax Cut: Republican idea shot down by Republicans on Capitol Hill after being proposed by Democrats
The Individual Mandate: Several years ago, the Heritage Foundation, and several prominent Republicans, were among those that pushed the idea of requiring people to buy health insurance.
Cap-and-trade: originally proposed by conservatives and Republicans as a market-based solution to solving environmental problems.

That's just the past couple years... and that's not all of them.... 

Reason Number 5: The Environment

Sadly the Republicans seem to think it is okay to waste away our environment, to strip the land of the natural resources and then leave it barren and unusable. Well maybe not to that extreme, but they have no problem with ignoring the repercussions to their actions. Take the Keystone Pipeline for example, Republicans are more than willing to risk our water supply in the name helping Big Oil.
This in theory could be attributed to Republicans belonging to the top 1%.

How I used to see things... 

When I would hear that republicans were for the rich, I would laugh and talk about how they are letting us live our lives and not forcing things down our throat, that they were letting businesses do there thing and thus creating jobs; that was in my youth and naivety.
I used to think DRILL BABY DRILL!! But never about the consequences.
I used to think we needed to spend more on our military, but now I want to cut that in about half.
I used to think we should get rid of the social programs like welfare and food stamps, but then I learned how people do not stay on them permanently.

I used to think a lot of things, but now I think a lot different. I wonder how I will think in 10 years.  

To answer what you may be thinking, no I am not a Democrat, I am a Libertarian. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow. This is me. I was a Republican... just the way you describe. I saw things that way and I could not understand how anyone who was intelligent could NOT understand.

Now, as a 57 year old grandmother, I make a hell of a lot more money than I did at that time and I'm not a Republican. They are invading bedrooms - I don't care if the gay guys next door get married. They want to limit women's access to abortion... and BIRTH CONTROL?!?! What the...???

I hear more lies and see more just plain ANGER coming from the GOP than any other group. I'm disgusted with the economic divide that gets bigger and bigger and bigger. I DON'T see any trickling down happening. I only see people in my income category working hard to scare the wealthy and gain even MORE control.

I voted for McCain - I felt like I was supposed to, even though Sarah Palin is an absolute idiot. I will be voting for Obama next time. I did register as a Democrat a couple of weeks ago. It sounds so strange to me to say that! I'm a DEMOCRAT?!?! They are the ignorant, touchy-feely, tax and spend lower class. That's how I saw it. After two years registered as an independent voter, I became a Democrat.

As for the healthcare mandate, I won't be personally helped. I may pay more taxes. And I am absolutely FOR it. Great blog post. Brilliant.