Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Keystope Pipeline Solution


Memo to Big Oil, We The People are NOT going to be Bullied!

That is right, We The People will not be bullied! We The People will not allow Big Oil to destroy our lives in the name of profits!

You may have the Politicians in your pockets, but We The People are the ones being put in jeopardy.We will NOT let you TAKE our land! We will NOT let you endanger our lives! And WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO YOU!!!

Let Us Be Politically Direct!

The Keystone Pipeline puts the Ogallala Aquifer in harms way!
This Aquifer supplies water to MILLIONS of people, it irrigates the crops MILLIONS of us live on! We can not let this injustice happen!

“With so many unanswered questions about the safety of this project, perhaps it’s time for the U.S. to hit the brake pedal,” Randy Thompson, a cattle buyer in Nebraska, wrote in testimony for a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing in May. “And perhaps it’s time that our government starts placing the concerns of American citizens over and above those of a foreign corporation.” 

A Simple Solution!

There is no arguing the need we have for oil, as much as we want to rely on other renewable sources we still need it. Rather than Pump oil through our the ground down to Texas, lets move it by train.
Why by train? Well by building a rail system that is capable of hauling the crude oil to the refinery, other industries will be able to use the system to transport other goods. Accidents will be mitigated by there being an efficient rail system, any accidents will be more easily managed, and to top it off more than oil will be able to be transported on these railways. Plus, the necessary infrastructure already exist.

With rail being as efficient as it is when it comes to transporting goods, it is a shame that America has had to cut back on its rail system. The cutback has more to do with the federal funding of roads and not railroads. We need to create a public rail system open to be used by ALL rail companies. In so doing we will usher in an era of rail competition, but back to oil.


As many may or may not know, TransCanada has been threatening landowners with eminent domain. Check out the NY Times Article, TransCanada currently has 34 eminent domain actions against landowners in Texas and an additional 22 in South Dakota.

David A. Domina, a Nebraska lawyer whose firm represents 45 landowners, said there was “no way” that TransCanada has eminent domain powers under Nebraska law, and that the company was “acting in bad faith.” 

Norman Ladd, a lawyer in Tyler, Tex., whose firm represents more than a dozen landowners, said the company has low-balled on prices and threatened to use eminent domain “instead of coming down here and saying we can work with you.”

In addition to enraging those along the proposed pipeline’s 1,700-mile path, the tactics TransCanada is using have many people questioning whether a foreign company can pressure landowners without a permit from the State Department, the agency charged with determining whether the project is in the “national interest.” A decision is expected by year’s end on the pipeline, which would carry crude oil from Alberta to American refineries.

An East Texas landowner, Eleanor Fairchild, said that a TransCanada representative arrived at her house a few days before her husband died of Alzheimer’s in 2009. At first, she considered the $42,000 offer, later raised by $18,000, for a 50-foot easement on her 425 acres. But she said that the more she learned about the pipeline, the less she wanted it on her land.

“It was a hard decision whether I wanted to fight and spend all this money even though I could lose the thing,” Ms. Fairchild said; “But somebody needs to fight them. I decided it would be me.” 

TransCanada’s condemnation suit against her is still pending. 

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